Training Module Six: Intro And Lesson Links

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One of the significant factors that keep comedians from being able to generate high impact, big laugh stand-up comedy material is that they do not rehearse or do not properly rehearse their stand-up comedy extensively before delivering their material to audiences.

This directly causes a number of undesirable issues:

  • The audience can and will quickly determine if a comedian is unprepared to deliver a professional performance, which greatly reduces potential audience laughter response.
  • The comedian has no way to determine if a weak audience laughter response is because the material needs improvement, the delivery is causing the issue or a combination of both.
  • Without proper preparation beforehand, a comedian severely reduces or eliminates their ability to develop laughter momentum during a performance.
  • A comedian’s most powerful laughter generation attributes won’t be in alignment with what they are saying to the audience, severely reducing or eliminating their ability to generate significant laughter levels during a performance.

You should be fully aware at this point that there is much more involved in developing and delivering stand-up comedy material that generates headliner laughter levels than merely memorizing sentences and reciting them on stage.

This Training Module will take you through the simple, yet critical process of properly rehearsing your stand-up comedy material so that you CAN generate maximum laughter responses with that material in the shortest time possible.

Training Module Six Lesson Links

Here are links to the four lessons in Training Module Six:

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