Your NCS Dispatch Journey Starts Here

Welcome! This page covers 3 important aspects of the NSC Dispatch you need to know before you check your email:

1. Dispatch Basics

2. Delivery Expectations

3. The 3 Minute Stand-up Success Assessment

Let’s get started!

Dispatch Basics

1. Unsubscribing. If at ANY time you don’t want to get Dispatch email, just use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

If the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email is not clickable or it won’t work for some reason, just reply to any Dispatch email and let me know. I will personally make sure that you are removed from the Dispatch subscription list.

2. Levels. There are currently 2 levels. Level 1 contains just 6 emails and delivery of those emails are described below.

Delivery Expectations

Today you will get 2 emails. The first one is a Welcome email to make sure your email address was correct when you signed up AND to make sure that you have ample time to complete the initial 3 Minute Stand-up Success Assessment below BEFORE you get the second email today (about 3 hours after the Welcome email).

IMPORTANT: I am using a verified email and domain in the Amazon SES system to deliver this email series. That means that the vast majority of people should not have to check their spam folder to find a Dispatch email.

So if you have not received the initial Dispatch Welcome email within 30 minutes of signing up (not in your inbox or spam folder) the chances are very good that you probably mis-typed your email address when signing up for the series. Just sign-up again here.

The second email will arrive about 3 hours after the first email and represents the official start of the NCS Dispatch series for Level 1.

There are 6 official emails for Level 1 (not including the initial Welcome email) which are delivered daily for 6 days.

After that, individuals who wish to receive Level 2 emails will be provided a means to sign up for that level.

The 3 Minute Stand-up Success Assessment

Below is the 3 Minute Stand-up Success Assessment. It consists of just 3 or 4 questions (depending on your answers) and accomplishes the following:

  • It will help determine the content that I need to focus on in Level 1 in the NCS Dispatch email series.
  • It will help me explain your chances of success as a new comedian or why a previous attempt at stand-up comedy didn’t produce the laughs needed to progress as a comedian.

Some important aspects about this assessment before you start:

  • The assessment is 100% anonymous with no identifying information gathered.
  • There are no right or wrong answers. So don’t don’t overthink the answer you choose for each question.
  • There is no score. There are only 2 results identified after you have answered the 3 or 4 questions: Result 1 and Result 2.
  • You are welcome to take the assessment more than once. But the real benefit lies in the very first result that you get provided your answers honestly reflect what you know.

I will address both possible results in detail in the very first email that will arrive about 3 hours after the Welcome email.

[chained-quiz 1]

Thank You For Subscribing To The NCS Dispatch!