If you are trying to find comedy topics for a powerful stand-up routine, then…

Why Aren’t You Tapping Into The Killer Stand-up Comedy Topics That You Already Have Right Now?

Free Primer Lesson: A Closer Look At Your Comedy Talent (Instant Access)

One of the things that many new comedians struggle with can be identified with these common and important questions:

  • What should I talk about in my stand-up comedy routine?
  • What comedy topics are the best for FUNNY stand-up material?
  • Is there a process to select the best comedy topics for my stand-up comedy act?

The reason many new comedians have these questions and struggle with coming up with the comedy topics they need is because…

The information that they start out trying to use is DEAD WRONG to begin with.

The reality is that ANYONE who has real comedy talent shouldn’t have any difficulty when it comes to quickly and easily determining the best topics for a stand-up routine.

That’s because whether you realize it or not…

You already have more tailor made, fits-you-like-a-glove comedy topics at your disposal RIGHT NOW than you will ever get the stage time to deliver and refine into finished stand-up comedy material.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that like most others who want to take a shot at becoming a comedian, the chances are extremely high that you really don’t know:

  • What your comedy talent really is or how to use it to select your best comedy topics
  • The mechanics that you use to cause laughter to happen — on the stand-up stage or offstage
  • How to quickly and easily pinpoint the best comedy topics that are ideally suited for you

Well, if you are serious about excelling as a new comedian, I want you to know EXACTLY what you are doing when it comes to selecting the very best comedy topics for a stand-up comedy routine. That’s why…

I have developed a complete and powerful online course (complete with some powerful bonuses) called Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy that is the foundation for the Success Primer For New Comedians.

Use the tabs below to get the details about what the new Success Primer For New Comedians has to offer…

About This Unique Course

Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy Course is the foundation for the new Success Primer For New Comedians and is comprised of 1 free lesson and 6 Member Only lessons:

Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy Lessons

blankLesson 1: A Closer Look At Your Comedy Talent (Free Instant Access)

Lesson 2: Avoiding The Biggest Mistake New Comedians Make

Lesson 3: Punchline Secrets

Lesson 4: Selecting Your Best Comedy Topics The Easy Way

Lesson 5: Comedy Topic Selection Guidelines

Lesson 6: Secrets About Original Comedy Material

Lesson 7: Having Confidence In Your Comedy Topics

Here’s a small taste of the information revealed in this course:

  • Discover how to apply the skill set that you already use in order to select the best stand-up topics
  • The powerful secret about using your offstage comedy talent that stand-up comedy “experts” won’t tell you
  • The most critical factor for being able to produce punchlines for comedy material quickly and easily
  • Where the laughter power of a punchline really comes from and how you can capitalize on it
  • Punchline mechanics that you won’t find in ANY other resource on developing comedy material for any performing or presentation environment
  • Immediately recognize the unique sentence structure evidenced in almost every punchline and how to use this knowledge to your advantage
  • The secret for identifying stand-up comedy topics and bulk comedy material that you have already tested
  • How to easily have more great comedy topics and bulk comedy material than you will ever have stage time to deliver
  • Discover 3 specific screening guidelines you can use to select the best comedy topics for any audience
  • The secrets for reducing/eliminating doubt in the stand-up topics/bulk comedy material you choose to transform into tight stand-up comedy material
  • And that’s truly just the beginning…

IMPORTANT: The EXCLUSIVE FOCUS of this course is to provide specific instruction for easily identifying and selecting the best stand-up topics on an individual basis – providing a treasure trove of solid stand-up topics and bulk comedy material ready to be developed and tightened into powerful stand-up comedy bits.

Usually, this is one of the hardest aspects of creating and developing stand-up comedy material that generates big laughs.

Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy Course DOES NOT provide the instruction for developing comedy topics into finished, tightly structured stand-up comedy material. The extensive, step-by-step information to easily do that is provided in the Core Content of the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

As far as I can tell, Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy course is the ONLY course of its kind in the world that shows you how to quickly and easily identify stand-up topics relative to your unique comedy talent and sense of humor attributes.

But the Success Primer For New Comedians also includes these powerful bonuses…

Bonus Lessons Included

The Success Primer For New Comedians also includes these 3 specific bonus lessons which tie directly into the Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy course:

Bonus Lesson 1: The Smartphone Secret For Identifying Stand-up Topics

This lesson focuses on a single type of free smartphone app that you use to continually come up with new stand-up comedy topics and bulk material that is prime for turning into powerful and funny stand-up comedy material.

All the details you need to know about what to look for in this specific type of smartphone app is provided in this lesson.

I also provide details about the specific free app that that I personally use.

Bonus Lesson 2: Audience Secrets For New Comedians

This lesson identifies specific audience related factors that can have an adverse impact on the laughter generation ability of ANY delivered stand-up comedy material, regardless of how funny or tightly structured it may be.

The purpose of this lesson is to give new comedians the tools to distinguish between when there are audience issues or issues with the stand-up material itself when it comes to the amount of audience laughter generated.

Bonus Lesson 3: The Performance Target Secret

This lesson provides specific details about the OBJECTIVE performance target every comedian much reach in order to advance up the ladder in the world of stand-up comedy.

Knowing and understanding this performance target can provide a substantial advantage to the new comedian when it comes to the selection of stand-up topics and the ultimate laughter generation power associated with those topics.

And the bonus content doesn’t stop there…

Bonus Audio Series

blankIf you are new to the world of stand-up comedy, I would be willing to bet you would like to get your hands on some solid, real world information about what becoming a comedian is really all about — beyond just the creation and development of stand-up comedy material.

That’s why the Success Primer For New Comedians also includes the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners Audio Series.

This 10 hour question-and-answer style audio series has been created to provide rock solid, foundational information covering a wide variety of topics that every new comedian who is serious about success in the world of stand-up comedy should be familiar with such as:

  • Issues surrounding developing stand-up comedy material
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Dealing with hecklers
  • The basics about comedy open mics
  • What you need to know about stand-up comedy audiences
  • Performance levels every comedian should reach
  • Factors that can directly influence a comedian’s progress

And a whole lot more — this audio series is fast paced, experienced laced, detailed, and contains no-punches-pulled information that every new comedian should have access to.

For more detailed information about all episodes in this series as well as a sample audio clip for each episode – click here.

Let me also say this — the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners Audio Series is the only series of its kind on the planet that provides extensive and comprehensive foundational information specifically geared for new comedians (online access only).

Note: The information provided in this unique audio series ideally compliments the more extensive, step-by-step instruction provided in Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy Course and the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

This series has sold for as much as $30 but is being made available as a free bonus in the Success Primer For New Comedians.

And yes – there is more…

Special Upgrade Option

blankOnce a Success Primer Member realizes how easy it is to accumulate a significant quantity of stand-up comedy topics, ideas and bulk comedy material in a short period of time…

The next logical step is to have a solid and proven means to turn that into tightly structured, ready-for-the-stage stand-up comedy material.

The step-by-step information to do just that is provided in the Success Primer Upgrade Package for just $39.95 which includes 1 year access to:

  • All Success Primer For New Comedians Content Plus…
  • The Killer Stand-up Rapid Training Modules and…
  • Bonus: Phone Coaching Audio Package (6 hours)

Information about this special upgrade option is provided on the Upgrade page (and also provides link to the 5 free lessons in Training Module One).

Upgrade opportunities are readily available in both the Members Area and the Stand-by Members Area.

Bonus Discount Offer

blankSuccess Primer Members may want to continue forward and invest in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

And since the Success Primer is already included in that course…

All Success Primer Members have access to an immediate discount for Killer Stand-up Online Course. Details are provided in the Members Area and is commensurate with their Member level (Primer level or Upgrade level).

This ensures that Success Primer Members are not penalized with an unnecessary extra expense because they wanted to check out the Success Primer independently first.

If you have gotten this far, I would venture to guess that your next question would be…

How Much Does This Program Cost?

blankBefore I reveal the exceptionally low cost for access to the Success Primer For New comedians, answer these questions honestly:

1. How much is it worth to NOT have to guess or to try figure out what potential comedy topics are the best for your stand-up routine?

2. How much is it worth to have access to a step-by-step process that allows you to EASILY identify potential topics for a stand-up comedy act that are based on:

  • Your sense of humor
  • Your interests, opinions and observations
  • How you make others laugh in everyday conversations

3. How much is it worth to have more comedy topics than you could possibly get stage time to test and develop?

So, is it worth $50? $75? More? Keep in mind that I am talking about providing you a process that will allow you to identify stand-up comedy topics at will — as you use your unique and already developed sense of humor on a daily basis.

blankBefore I continue, please note:

If you are looking for a process that involves “writing” the way you were taught to write in school, THERE IS NO NEED TO CONTINUE FURTHER.

There is NOTHING in the Success Primer For New Comedians that involves conventional stand-up comedy “writing” strategies.

If you got this far, here’s what you get and how much it cost should you decide to invest in the Success Primer For new Comedians…

In order to keep access dirt cheap, for a very limited time you can get 3 months access to the Success Primer For New Comedians for just $19.99.

After that, you can choose an additional 1 month of access at any time for just $4.99 if you so desire.

Or you can choose the Special Upgrade Package for just $39.95. Or you can choose to take advantage of the discount for Killerstandup.com access,

There are NO recurring fees associated with access to this program – EVER. Once your initial 3 months of access ends, you choose when you want additional access — if needed.

And on top of that, you also get my…

14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

blankWhile I am beyond confident that the Success Primer For New Comedians will provide exceptional value for those who have real comedy talent and the motivation to succeed…

There are always a few folks who simply do not have the comedy talent and/or the comprehension skills needed to effectively use and apply the information that I have to offer. It’s not their fault — it just is what it is.

Subsequently, I offer a 14 day money back guarantee upon request using the Contact page — no questions asked.

Seriously – you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain if you want to have a tremendous advantage over other new comedians who tend to struggle needlessly in their stand-up comedy adventures.

If you are ready to become a Member, here’s how…

How To Become A Success Primer Member

The registration process to gain access to the Success Primer For New Comedians is simple, straightforward and can usually be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Using one of the buttons below, your registration payment using your credit card or PayPal will be securely processed for just $19.95 (one time payment) for a full 3 months access to the Success Primer For New Comedians. Please be aware that this is a limited time offer*.

2. Once your registration payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a special Member Registration page to establish your secure Member account for the course.

You will need to be prepared to provide these information items when you get to that special Member Registration page:

Username desired, the password you want to use and the email address you want to associate with your account in order to retrieve your username and/or password should you forget it.

3. Upon establishing your new Member account, two important things will happen simultaneously:

You will get two important emails for your records: a payment receipt email and a registration welcome email with the username and password for your Member account.

Once this has been completed you will get immediate access to the secure Members Area and everything included in the Success Primer For New Comedians which includes:

  • blankYour Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy Course – 7 lessons (1 free + 6 Members Only)
  • 3 Special Bonus Lessons
  • Bonus Audio Series: Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners (10 Hours)
  • Bonus Discount Offer For Killerstandup.com Available
  • Optional Special Upgrade Package Available
  • 14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Once your initial 3 months access has expired, you will login to the Stand-by Members Area where you can:

  • Purchase an additional month of Success Primer access for just $4.99 if needed or…
  • Take advantage of the Special Upgrade Package for just $39.95 or
  • Take advantage of the Killerstandup.com discount

Again, there are no recurring fees associated with becoming a Success Primer Member.

I hope that you take advantage of this incredible offer while it lasts…

Register Now For Just $19.95*

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Your registration will be processed directly on this secure website via the most protected and secure processing gateway available.

All major credit cards accepted or register using PayPal:

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But whether you become a Success Primer For New Comedians Member or not, please know this:

No one appreciates your courage and drive more than I do when it comes to tackling one of the most difficult and most rewarding entertainment art forms on the planet and…

I truly wish you the best in your stand-up comedy adventures!

Steve Roye
Success Primer For New Comedians
Author of The Killer Stand-up Comedy System & Online Course

Thank you for choosing the Success Primer For New Comedians!