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While you are certainly welcome to consume the course materials in any manner that you choose, here are my recommendations for the fastest path to developing your stand-up comedy routine:

  • The Success Primer Course and associated bonus lessons
  • The first two audios in the Phone Coaching Package
  • The Rapid Training Modules

Then I would review the rest of the course and bonus content as time permits.

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There is a mountain of information of interest to new comedians that is available on my Top Stand-up Comedy Tips blog.

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Most Recent Blog Articles For CU Members - Top Stand-up Comedy Tips
This special page for Members provides the most recent Top Stand-up Comedy Tips blog articles free from distracting display ads. A new article in rotation will appear on this page daily.

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The course content made available in the Stand-up Fast Track Course represents only a portion of the instruction available at that does not expire or require renewal for access for Killer Stand-up Online Course (KSOC) Members.

KSOC Members have continuous access to ALL of the content available on this site PLUS access to:

  • The Interactive Writing and Performing Guides (500+ pages + Interactive Media)
  • Independent Lesson Package (9 Lessons)
  • Corporate Comedy Secrets Audio Course
  • Comedy Evaluator Pro 1 Year Free Access

As a Stand-up Fast Track Course Member, you can get immediate, unlimited access to all KSOC content (available only at for just $39.95 ($90 discount) using this button:


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