Free Online Lessons

For those who have comedy talent and are seriously looking at taking their talent to a professional level as a comedian, here are some reference resources that you may want to review:

5 Free Stand-up Comedy Lessons

I have 5 free stand-up comedy lessons that are available for public review (no sign-up required) in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

These lessons are provided to smash some of of the most common misconceptions about developing and delivering a professional stand-up comedy routine that will actually work on an individual level to generate significant laughs.

I believe that it is just as important for new comedians to know what DOES NOT WORK WELL in order to avoid some of the issues that can hold talented individuals back in their stand-up comedy adventures.

Note: Many of the questions provided in the Stand-up Comedy Test database are based on the information provided in these 5 free stand-up comedy lessons.

My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel provides very basic, yet important information videos of interest to new comedians along with interviews with comedians at all levels.

Here are a few video examples…

Information Video Example:


Interview Video Example:


The Stand-up Comedy Tips Blog

This expansive information resource provides a continuous stream of basic stand-up comedy information for comedians with new articles made available daily.