Training Module Four: Introduction And Lesson Links

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In this Training Module, I will start the process of showing you how to quickly develop and structure your stand-up comedy material for the stage, based on your individual sense of humor and how you see the world around you.

While there is a significant amount of information provided in this Training Module and in the next when it comes to developing and structuring stand-up comedy material for the stage, please keep this in mind:

Once you have the process down, producing stand-up comedy material is relatively quick and easy affair — one that becomes more and more effortless as your experience grows.

Note: You have access to the Phone Coaching Audio Package. Before you start this lesson, now would be a good time to review:

  • The Killer Stand-up Audio Training Session
  • The first recorded phone coaching call, which is focused on stand-up comedy material development

The link to the Phone Coaching Audio Package can be found in the Members Area.

Training Module Four Lesson Links

Here are the links to the three lessons in Training Module Four:

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