Training Module Three: Intro And Lesson Links

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Before we get to the process of showing you step-by-step how to develop your stand-up comedy material…

There are a number of things you should be aware of first when it comes to the type of comedy material that you develop which can have a significant impact on:

  • The audience response you can generate
  • The type, range and quantity of gigs you can perform at
  • Your income potential as a comedian

However, let me also say this:

It is not my place to “dictate” what type of stand-up comedy material a comedian chooses to develop or deliver.

Those choices lie solely in the hands of each comedian.

But I do think that it is important that comedians know what is at stake when it comes to developing stand-up comedy material and the potential impact those decisions can have.

That’s what this Training Module is about.

Training Module Three Lesson Links

Here are the links to the four lessons in Training Module Three:

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