Training Module Two: Intro And Lesson Links

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Now that you have reviewed the lessons in Training Module One that identify why conventional stand-up comedy “writing” processes don’t work…

It’s time to take a close look at what makes you a funny person in everyday life and here’s why:

If you are not aware of the attributes that you possess that allow you to make others laugh in situations outside performing on the stand-up comedy stage…

Then you will have a difficult time incorporating the comedy talent that you already have into your stand-up comedy material.

While the information provided in this Training Module may seem academic at first glance, please note:

The speed at which you are able to develop and deliver headliner level stand-up comedy material is directly influenced by your ability to understand and apply the information provided in this Training Module

So, let’s take a journey to discover what it is that makes you funny so that you can capitalize on that valuable information when you begin the process of developing you own stand-up comedy material in the training module.

Training Module Two Lesson Links

Here are the links to the three lessons in Training Module Two:

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