Training Module One: Intro And Lesson Links
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Welcome to the Killer Stand-up Rapid Training Modules for comedians and comedy entertainers!

Here’s what you need to know before reviewing the comedy lessons provided in this first training module which are available for public review:

If you are a naturally funny individual in everyday life and you are convinced that stand-up comedy is a perfect outlet for your already developed, natural comedy talent…

I want you to have a huge advantage over the vast majority of other comedians when it comes to developing, structuring and delivering headliner level stand-up comedy material — in the shortest time possible.

But in order to have a tremendous advantage over other comedians trying to reach the same stand-up comedy performance goals as you…

You MUST be acutely aware of the ineffective techniques, strategies and methods that most every other comedian is using so that you can avoid these like the plague.

That is exactly what Training Module One is designed to do — identify “conventional” processes and the flawed perceptions commonly associated with developing and delivering stand-up comedy material that do not work well or do not work at all for talented individuals.

So in order to properly manage your expectations in advance, please know this:

The Killer Stand-up Rapid Training Modules DO NOT involve the typical or “conventional” one dimensional joke writing methodologies found in the vast majority of stand-up comedy books, courses or workshops.

However, if it is your desire to try to “write” stand-up comedy material — one liners, “gags”, and “jokes” using conventional, old school “writing” techniques…

Please proceed directly to Lesson 5 in this Training Module and check out the last section in that lesson.

There you will find a listing of the most popular resources for attempting to “write” stand-up comedy material and “jokes” out of thin air from a blank piece of paper.

In other words, please don’t waste your time reviewing all the lessons provided in this Training Module if your desire is to learn how to somehow “write” your way to being “funny” on the stand-up comedy stage as a comedian.

Training Module One Lesson Links

Here are the links to the 5 comedy lessons provided in Training Module One:


Note: There is also a TON of additional free information available on my Top Stand-up Comedy Tips blog

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